Meg Kiihne

"Sea to Snow" began somewhere between my first time to the oceans in Brazil and Chile and my first time to Bariloche, Argentina where I begged to take the gondola to the top of the mountain.   I knew that day, age 12 that I needed both of these elements in my life. 

In my teens I began to help promote various bike races and snowboard events.  This developed into organizing teams, coaching, and working professionally on events around the world.   While working under the corporate umbrella I continued to sell sponsorship for triathlon teams and my own cycling team. 

When I left the corporate umbrella, I chose the name "C2Snow" as my new umbrella as I continued to work largely with sports and brands centered around the outdoors and sports.

Through the past decade, I've been fortunate enough to work with clients on projects across the country and abroad.    I began as a teenager with instincts and passion for nature and the sports which grew from these powerful places.  

I believe that successful events, brands, and marketing evoke the same feeling in others as the feeling of pure awe and raw inspiration I felt my first time on a beach in Brazil or atop the mountain in the Andes.  

Today I continue to work with brands, events, and athletes who believe in a shared sustainable, inspired, and innovative approach. 

What is your moment of inspired awe?

-Meg Kiihne

20 years of experience in action/adventure sports events, brands, and athletes.  I believe in sustainable solutions and an integrated strategic approach.

Through the years I have had a variety of needs and requests from clients.  These are some of the experts I rely upon for my clients and various projects and endorse!  If you only need a referral, we will be happy to help with just that.

Meg Kiihne


Drew Deurlington


Aimee Doran
Social Media / Content Creator

Katherine Baryluk
Luxury Real Estate/Client Management


Jocelyn Webb
Partner, Business Management


Matt Nelson
Graphic Designer



Ken Freeman
Technical Director, Production


Darilyn Kotzenberg
Graphic Designer