C2Snow began with the basics:  a passion for the outdoors and a desire to share what we loved. 

We develop dynamic, unique and creative solutions for our clients.


  We specialize in leveraging resources, maximizing exposure, and generating value from angles you never knew existed!   

C2Snow can give you an fresh edge whether you seek support in planning, promoting or producing your event or business.  




Partnerships, sponsorships, positioning, seeking opportunities for events, athletic teams or individuals. 

Taking events and ideas from concept to conceptualization. 




Show production, ensuring audience engagement and dynamic entertainment flow.  Live music and sporting competitions

Branding Development

Multi-media marketing plans integrating promotion, production, and partnerships. 

Integrated plans to increase exposure and audience engagement.


Engage, Entertain, Excite = ACTIVATE

Over the past 15 years our projects have included:  International multi-sports events, music festivals, triathlons,

local and national ski & snowboard events, and custom adventure sports vacations. 

Some events regardless of the talent don't capture the attention of an audience.  Elements that make an event memorable and special for the audience and performers/athletes are those that have seamless operations and production.   

We can't control the weather but we can ensure your audience is engaged and excited!

Power to the Peaceful, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Power to the Peaceful, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Reno River Festival, Reno, Nevada

Reno River Festival, Reno, Nevada

United States Skiing Association, Farwest Freestyle Series

United States Skiing Association, Farwest Freestyle Series

Monterey Music Summit 

Monterey Music Summit